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Self-Hatred At Georgetown:

And not only self-hatred, but contempt for free speech. The Jewish student leaders who brought Bat Ye’or and her husband David Littman to speak on campus Tuesday night are now denouncing the address and abasing themselves before the university community. Because Bat Ye’or says (and proves) that dhimmitude — the formal discrimination against Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule — is not a distortion of Islam, but inherent in its teachings, these naive Jews think she and her husband are bigots. They expected Bat Ye’or and Littman to argue that Islam is being distorted to justify oppression of Jews and Christians; instead, as anyone who has read her work knows, she shows that Islam has always oppressed Jews and Christians, because the Koran mandates it. Another Georgetown student who was at the presentation offers a very different view of what happened that night. In his letter to the campus paper, Scott W. Borer-Miller says “students openly laughed and made comments during Ye’or’s explanation on the plight of religious minorities in the Arab world. This situation is nothing new. It merely illustrates the fact that Georgetown is an anti-Zionist environment where supporting Israel is ‘uncool’ and where voicing the opinion that Islam is not the epitome of human rights perfection results not in debate but rude comments.” All the more reason we need to have an institute devoted to the study of dhimmitude. People have to know what Jews and Christians in Islamic lands suffer today, and have historically suffered under Islam. They’re not going to find out on American university campuses today.


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