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A Self-Inflicted Wound from the Cruz Campaign

Come on, Cruz campaign. If you want to argue that Marco Rubio shouldn’t have cast a vote in favor of giving President Obama trade-promotion authority, or that he’s too eager to reach a deal with Democrats, go right ahead.

But don’t create this graphic . . .

. . . which puts Rubio and Obama’s heads on this stock-photo image, and then make this claim:

Now Rubio and his team can spend the final 48 hours before primary day arguing that Cruz and his campaign are liars, who use Photoshopped images, et cetera, instead of arguing about whether the vote on the trade deal or other bipartisan agreements was the right decision.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson spent the last two weeks hammering Cruz, claiming his dishonest and untrustworthy; now Rubio will do the same.

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