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Senator Gillibrand’s Relentless Flip-Flopping

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is a piece of work. In an interview with Politico, the Hillary Clinton–backing Democrat claims that Bernie Sanders isn’t sensitive to families who have seen a loved one shot:

“Every mom takes their kid to a park. And she took her kid to a park and the kid was killed, a baby, a 4-year-old . . . [Sanders] doesn’t have the sensitivity he needs to the horror that is happening in these families. I just don’t think he’s fully getting how horrible it is for these families.”

. . . then, moments later, laments how negative and personal our politics are . . . 

She had a front-row seat at the Brooklyn debate, diplomatically pronounced Sanders’ attacks on Clinton as within-bounds — but confessed to detesting the tone. “I get really upset when everything gets really very nasty — I don’t love it,” she told me. “A lot of women don’t like the negative. That’s why a lot of women won’t run for office. They don’t want — they don’t like negative campaigning. They don’t like negative ads.”

They don’t like “the negative . . . ” like being accused of not caring about gun victims because they disagree with Gillibrand, that sort of negative?

Then, moments later, claims that the issue of gun control has nothing to do with “the Second Amendment” . . . 

Whatever her initial motivations, Gillibrand possesses the zeal of the converted and sees guns as the issue that will allow Clinton to generate the kind of enthusiasm for her candidacy — especially among women — that has thus far been missing from her candidacy. “This debate is relegated to the men. It’s about hunting? It has nothing to do with hunting,” she said. “Nothing in this debate has to do with hunting, and nothing in this debate has to do with the Second Amendment rights. Nothing. . . . I think — I see the world in the lens of women’s issues. I’m making everything a woman’s issue. I want guns to be a woman’s issue.”

Oh, she was at one point, proud of her “A” grade from the National Rifle Association.

What is Senator Gillibrand’s position? Whatever it needs to be at that particular moment.


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