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From Sen. Levin’s Opening Statement at Gates Hearing Yesterday

The soon-to-be chairman of the Armed Services Committee said (italics mine):

We have failed, so far, to secure the country and defeat the insurgency, and we have failed to disarm the militias and create a viable Iraqi military or police force. And we have failed to rebuild the economic infrastructure of the country and provide employment for the majority of Iraqis. The next secretary of Defense will have to deal with the consequences of those failures.

It’s our job to provide employment for the majority of Iraqis?  Do the Iraqis have any responsibilities for themselves in all this?  If we finally decided our security required doing something meaningful about Iran and Syria, should we also factor in that we’ll need to be providing employment for all Iranians and Syrians? 

And what about the minimum wage?  And I’ll bet there are even Iraqis without health care.  And those restaurants in the Sunni Triangle?  Trans-fats in every damn one!  Failure, failure, failure. 

Man, this is gonna be a long couple of years …


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