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Senate Bill 5 Headed for Defeat

Big Labor appears to have won in Ohio. Combining heavy spending with relentless messaging, opponents of Senate Bill 5 are winning at the polls, beating Gov. John Kasich (R.) and his allies by a two-to-one margin so far, reports:

More than 500,000 votes have been counted and it looks like Issue 2 — and Senate Bill 5 — are done.

More than 328,000 Ohioans, including 85,000 in Cuyahoga County as of 8:40 p.m., have said “No” to Issue 2.

The result will be the repeal of Senate Bill 5, which drastically changed the state’s collective  bargaining law for public employees.

There are two Ohio counties where Issue 2 is passing however: In Warren County in southwest Ohio, the issue is winning by about 380 votes with nearly 10,000 counted.

In Mercer County, in central-west Ohio, Issue 2 is ahead by only 3 votes among about 2,000 counted.

In Holmes County, 1,318 votes have said “Yes” to Issue 2, while  1,119 have voted “No.” Holmes is south of Medina County.

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