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Senate headlines

MD: Baltimore Sun: “Cardin offers experience and leadership“;  Los Angeles Times:A black Republican runs against the tide in Maryland Senate race ; Washington Post: “Va., Md. Senate Camps Dig Deep“; “Maryland’s Major-Race Candidates Focus on African American Vote“; “Steele Has Been Quiet in Dissent“; WSJ Opinion Journal: ” Why Democrats are worried”; Washington Times: “The Steele Democrats“; “Cardin, Steele put focus on PG”

MO: MyFox Saint Louis:  ”FROM THE TRAIL: Frist Sees Republicans Keeping Senate Majority“; “New McCaskill Ads Rebut Talent Attacks; Bush To Stump For Talent” ; “President’s Friday visit at GOP rally confirmed” ; “Talent occasionally broke from GOP” ; Kansas City Star: “ELECTION COUNTDOWN: SIX DAYS LEFT It’sa dead heat in Missouri” ; “US SENATE Stakes are high for Missouri’s Senate seat US Senate” ; St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Candidates make stops statewide to capture voter interest

MT: Great Falls Tribune: “Indian vote could be the difference” ; “Montana political briefs” ; “Baucus stumps for Tester in new television ad” ; Billings Gazette: “Burns’, Tester’s views align on gun rights” ; “Advocacy groups buying ads

NJ: New York Times: “Behind the ‘Mob’ Ad, a Republican Donor With a History “;  “In Tight Senate Campaign, Racial and Ethnic Factors Could Be Pivotal”; AP: “Negative ads far outweigh positive” ; ” Kean calls Mass. Sen. Kerry’s comments ‘inexcusable’” ; ” Menendez readily answers question asked in editorial” ; New York Post: “NJ SENATE DISSING MATCH“; “Poll gives Menendez slight lead“; Asbury Park Press: “Kean courts urban voters in Newark” ; “Menendez: Nation needs new direction“; The Jersey Journal: “Kean on taxes, Iraq and illegals“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Kean, Menendez work seniors“; New York Sun: “Menendez Has a Small Edge on Kean in NJ Senate Contest” ; New York Observer: “A Senator With Tough Friends” ;Washington Times: “NJ ‘mob’ ad annoys Italian-Americans

OH: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Dems rally at Museum Center“; “Region’s influence at stake“; Columbus Dispatch: “Parties urge faithful to vote“; Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Giuliani stumps with DeWine, rips Brown on security“; Chronicle-Telegram: “Poll: Brown’s lead grows against DeWine“;

PA: AP: “Polls Show Casey Still Leading Santorum”;Kerry cancels stop at Casey rally“; Philadelphia Daily News: “All over but the voting“; Philadelphia Inquirer: ”Tom Ferrick Jr. | For Santorum, a perfect storm” ; Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “Santorum focuses on war

RI: New York Times: “As Vote Nears, Stances on War Set Off Sparks “; Boston Globe: “Roger Williams doctor criticizes Whitehouse“; Eyewitness News: “Chafee, Whitehouse, enter final week of campaigning“; Providence Journal: “Debate remark sparks criticism“; “In Senate race, sharp differences on war“; “This is a year when it is best not to go low“; The Hill: “Chafee takes jab at Sen. Harry Reid“;

TN: AP: “Corker puts $2M of own money into Senate campaign“‘; Memphis Commercial Appeal: ”Clinton-Ford at the get-out-the-vote rally this morning“; The Tennessean: “Laura Bush says Republicans need Corker, turnout“; New York Post: ” A Corker of a race tilts toward GOP“; Nashville City Paper: “Corker is the right man for the Senate“; “New polls differ, but Corker leads“; “Corker releases new ad criticizing Ford“; Washington Times: “The Senate race and a Gothic twist

VA: New York Times: “Heckler Subdued at Sen. Allen Event ” ; Washington Times: “Marriage measure may turn on Allen“; Washington Post: “Va., Md. Senate Camps Dig Deep“; “The Two-Minute Drill“; Roanoke College poll reflects tight senate race;

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