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Senate Headlines

CT: Washington Times: “Lieberman seen set to win re-election”; The Connecticut Post: “War in Iraq dominates Senate debate”; Slate: “Lieberman’s Republican problem

MD: Washington Post: “Issues Advocates Jumping In for Senate Race”; New York Times: “Md. Republicans Criticize Hoyer Remark

MO: Kansas City Star: “Debates close on softer note in Senate”; Kansas City Star: “McCaskill: Conflicts avoidable”; St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Talent gets personal at face-off in GOP stronghold’; MyFox Saint Louis: “McCaskill Calls For Rumsfeld’s Firing; Talent Does Not

MT: Great Falls Tribune: “Poll finds Tester’s lead widening”; Billings Gazette: “Burns: Tester raised business taxes”; Seattle Times: “Montana senator’s remarks on war bring comparison to Nixon, Vietnam

NJ: PBS: “Senate Races in New Jersey and Pennsylvania Heat up as Election Day Nears“; “GOP: Probe Democrats’ fund raising in Bergen”; New York Times: “Kean Past and Kean Present Unite to Promote a Kean Future”; Asbury Park Press: “Senate rivals speak separately at forum”; Press of Atlantic City: “Menendez defends plan to exit Iraq

OH: Forbes: “Democrats Set Sights on Wins in Ohio”; Ohio News Network: “DeWine, Brown Square Off in Toledo”


PA: The York Dispatch: “Bob Casey releases tax returns, reports 2005 income of $121,104”; Bloomberg: “Santorum’s Woes May Be Omen for Republicans”; The Evening Bulletin: “Catholic, Jewish Groups Call Out Casey Over Donators”; Philadelphia Daily News: “Casey vs. Santorum: Not about winning, but about how not to lose

RI: Providence Eyewitness News: “NRSC releases ad criticizing Whitehouse”; Providence Journal: “For Whitehouse, a Clinton boost, a Chafee slam

TN: U.S. Newswire: “Ford Would Boost Annual Federal Budget by $34.1 Billion, Corker by $1.5 Billion, Study of Senate Candidates’ Platforms Shows”;Memphis Commercial Appeal: “On guns, gays and God, Corker and Ford agree

VA: Washington Post: “Allen, Webb Pull In Presidents As They Beef Up Push to Nov. 7”; Fox News: “Bush, Clinton to Raise Campaign Cash for Virginia U.S. Senate Candidates

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