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Senate Headlines

CT: The Lamont Blames Lieberman, Bush For High Prices At Pumps 

MO: “Senate candidates’ attack ads deliver little more than mud”;  Kansas City Star: “Spouse’s wealth raises question”;

MT: Great Falls Tribune: “Candidates raise intensity”;  The Missoulian: “Tester, Burns spar in Billings over future of war in Iraq”; Sidney Herald Leader : “Senate campaign is breaking records”

NJ: Philadelphia Inquirer: “Kean receives infusion of cash to level the field”; New York Times: “Kean and Menendez Trade Sharp Exchanges on Iraq”; Press of Atlantic City: “Southern N.J. geography stumps Senate candidates”; New York Post: “Kean beats around the Bush on Iraq in NJ Tussle

OH: Springfield News Sun : “Strickland, Brown tell Democratic faithful to push on to Election Day”; Cincinnati Enquirer: “More good news for Strickland, Brown”; New York Times: “Alarm Bells for G.O.P. in Poll Results in Ohio

PA: National Catholic Reporter: “Catholics a target in Pennsylvania Senate race”; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Looking to chip off the old blocs

TN: Nashville City Paper: “Group airs ad bashing Ford for hotels, suit, cigars”; Memphis Commercial Appeal: “GOP trying to keep its ‘firewall’ up”; Chattanooga Pulse: “Connecting the Plots

VA: Washington Post: “James Webb mounts an independent-minded challenge”; “Don’t Call Him Redneck”; Webb Is Reluctant To Advertise Duty”; Washington Times: “Military women support Webb as ‘man of integrity


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