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Message to Republican Senators:

Why don’t you stop pandering to the PC crowd, stop focusing on the sex or race of a potential Supreme Court nominee, and take your responsibilities seriously? The American people are far more interested in what the Supreme Court does and will do, than the genitalia and skin color of the justices. Nor do they care if a nominee hails from a courthouse in Louisiana.

So far, you’re doing a terrible job. You’re allowing Chuck Schumer, the ACLU-front groups and the media to set the terms of the debate. Let me give you a little help. We want justices who will respect the will of the people and representative government, rather than dictating national policy by fiat. We want justices who will follow the Constitution, not rewrite it. We don’t want activist justices who confer due process rights on terrorists, who confer benefits on illegal immigrants, who prevent poor children from escaping decaying schools, who promote racial discrimination in college admissions, who permit the seizure of homes to increase the local tax base, who limit public debate about politicians before an election, who are hostile to traditional values, and who use foreign law to interpret American law.

Now, are you going to continue to allow Schumer et al to control this process, or are you going to stand up and defend the Constitution?


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