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Senate Scuttlebutt

An opposing view:


I hope the reports from the Republican senate circles you refer to are more

accurate for others than they are when talking about Feingold. Whoever told

you he’s going down does not understand Wisconsin voters. Watch the returns

from Dane County (Madison area) and the City of Milwaukee. They will be so

overwhelmingly in favor of Feingold, that Michels won’t stand a chance no

matter what happens in the rest of the state. Six years ago, Feingold was

up against Rep. Mark Neumann. He was a formidable candidate who ran a great

campaign on the issues of taxes, abortion, defense, etc. He was beaten by

Feingold, albeit in a very close race. Michels is no Neumann, and has run a

horrible campaign. He has NO shot at this seat.

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