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Senator Frist, Senator Frist

Here’s something else for you to ban (there must be some handy piece of national security legislation you can find to attach it to)….World of Warcraft.

A recovering ‘addict’  tells his horrifying story here. Here’s a sample:

I just left WoW permanently. I was a leader in one of the largest and most respected guilds in the world, a well-equipped and well-versed mage, and considered myself to have many close friends in my guild. Why did I leave? Simple: Blizzard has created an alternate universe where we don’t have to be ourselves when we don’t want to be. From my vantage point as a guild decision maker, I’ve seen it destroy more families and friendships and take a huge toll on individuals than any drug on the market today, and that means a lot coming from an ex-club DJ.

Protect ‘the children’, rally the base, Senator Frist, we need your guidance…

Hat-tip: Instapundit


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