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Senator Sessions Hints at Filibustering Lew

On the heels of his statement that, “Jack Lew must never be Secretary of the Treasury,” Senator Sessions hinted at a filibuster of Lew’s nomination on CNBC this morning. When asked if he would filibuster, Sessions said, “I feel very strongly about this. . . . What he knows about the budget is how to manipulate it and how to manipulate the numbers and that’s not what we need in a Secretary of the Treasury today. I just strongly believe we need a man of integrity, a woman of competence who can have bipartisan support. . . . We’ll see what happens but I intend to oppose this nomination and we need to talk about the fundamental challenges of our nation and we need to know why Mr. Lew not only refused to produce a plan that would fix our debt problem but actually attack people like Paul Ryan, who laid out a credible plan. And why he would misrepresent the impact of the budget that he did submit to the Senate, which of course was never brought up.”


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