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Senator’s Electoral Hearing Problem

The Susan B. Anthony List is running a radio ad in support of Joe Miller in Alaska this week: 


SFX:              [door open]

Doc:              This, uh…Lisa Murkowski’s office?

Bitsy:            Yessir! How may I help you?

Doc:              I’m the ear doctor….

Bitsy:            Oh…?

Doc:              Here for the hearing test.

Bitsy:            Sir…I…

Doc:              Alaska voters sent me….afraid she didn’t hear them during the Primary…

Bitsy:            Why do you have that megaphone?

Doc:              It’s what we call a hearing aid…

ANNCR:      Alaska taxpayers made it pretty clear in August they’d had enough “business-as-usual” in Washington. That’s why Lisa Murkowski, after turning a deaf ear to Alaskans by voting for billions in bailouts and stimulus – was voted out. But it seems even though the people have spoken, Lisa didn’t get the message. Now she’s thinking about a write-in campaign. Please, call Lisa today. Thank her for her service…then urge her to listen closely to the will of the people, and just…come on home.

Bitsy:           [tsk..sigh]…sir, she just got on another phone call.

Doc:              Ohhh.  So she can hear?

Bitsy:            Yes sir. She’s just ignoring you.  

Norm:           Ahem…[SFX:megaphone reverb] 

Bitsy:            Right, I’ll see what I can do…[door close]

ANNCR:       Susan B. Anthony List, Inc. is responsible for the content of this ad. Paid for by

Susan B. Anthony List, Inc. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. SBA


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