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Senators Negotiating Scaled Down Filibuster Reform

New reports of negotiations between Sens. Reid (D., Nev.), McConnell (R., Ky.), Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Alexander (R., Tenn.) over a scaled-down rules reform package with the potential to garner 67 votes. A group of Democrats had planned to push through a more ambitious package via a 51-vote “Constitutional option” but apparently couldn’t even muster that many. 

The scaled-down version would include an end to secret holds, some streamlining of the nominations process (including a reduction in the number of positions requiring confirmation), and perhaps an agreement that would prevent the majority from blocking the minority’s ability to offer amendments. It would not contain an end to filibusters on motions to proceed (endless debate on whether to allow endless debate), or a provision that would force Senators to physically hold the floor during filibusters.


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