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Senior Gingrich Staff Resigns En Masse

The Associated Press has sent an alert out reporting that a number of senior advisers to Newt Gingrich have resigned. The list is thought to include Rob Johnson, a former top adviser and campaign manager to Texas governor Rick Perry; Dave Carney, another top Perry adviser and a New Hampshire specialist; Sam Dawson, longtime Gingrich strategist during his House career; Katon Dawson, a big GOP player in South Carolina and nationally; and Craig Schoenfeld, head of Gingrich’s Iowa operation.

The resignation of Gingrich’s top men in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina would appear to be . . . not good for his chances there. Likewise, the presence on the list of two advisers close to Rick Perry will only fuel speculation that Perry will seek the nomination himself.

UPDATE: Politico’s Jonathan Martin adds spokesman Rick Tyler to the list of campaign officials who have resigned. Martin also reports that the exodus was a means of protest over “different vision[s].”

The mass resignation was, one source said, “a team decision.”

“We just had a different direction in which we wanted to take the campaign,” said a second source.

Gingrich was intent on using technology and standing out at debates to get traction while his advisers believed he needed to run a campaign that incorporated both traditional, grassroots techniques as well as new ideas.

One official said the last straw came when Gingrich went forward with taking a long-planned cruise with his wife last week in the Greek isles.


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