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Senor: Obama’s Israel Attack ‘Pathetic’

Dan Senor, a senior Romney adviser, says President Barack Obama’s criticism of Mitt Romney’s Israel trip was “pathetic.”

Romney has been to Israel four times, Senor said tonight when speaking to reporters. Obama, he pointed out, has never been there as president. Obama’s posturing on Israel was thus a “cheap shot,” Senor said, and “sort of pathetic.”

“President Obama, as president, has been to over 40 countries. He hasn’t been to Israel,” Senor said. “He can talk all he wants about how significant his trip was as senator. But for presidents, geography is policy.”

In 2009, “[Obama] deliberately chose not to go to Israel,” Senor said. “On that outreach to the Arab world, he could have hopped on a 30- or 40-minute plane ride and made it clear that he stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel.”

Senor, an expert on U.S.-Israeli relations, advised Romney during debate prep, and has been a top aide to Paul Ryan on the campaign trail.


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