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Sensenbrenner Fails to Read His Own Legislation . . . Again

Christian Adams has an important report today about legislation on which Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R., Wis.) is teaming up with Democrats and hard-Left groups to reverse last term’s Supreme Court voting-rights ruling that ended Justice Department supervision of election procedures in several sovereign states (I discussed the ruling here).

Sensenbrenner’s bill would also codify the Obama/Holder Justice Department’s policy of denying white people equal protection of the civil-rights laws. Sensenbrenner has been recorded at a town-hall meeting claiming that this is not true. Christian explains that the text of the bill says otherwise.

As I’ve recounted, after classified information about NSA surveillance programs was leaked last year, Sensenbrenner wildly misrepresented the terms of the relevant Patriot Act provision, which he claims to have authored.


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