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Is Obama a moderate or a liberal? Neither. He’s a “true conservative.” From Jacob Heilbrunn on Jonathan Alter’s new Obama book, in the New York Times Book Review:

Whatever the case, it seems unlikely that the cautious Obama, a true conservative at a moment when the term has become soiled by its current representatives, will preside over a new era of resurgent liberalism. 



Mr. Lowry:

When you look at the Obama administration’s emphasis on expanding fed entitlements when everyone over ten knows they need to be cut, the President’s fealty to public employee unions, and his ill-concealed belief that public extravagance is actually a form of social justice, it is apparent that he is something of a conservative:

He is trying to preserve, protect and expand the 20th century American welfare state, and he will likely be the last American president to do so.  Future presidents may vary in how much they wish to reduce its size, but we will likely never see another chief executive who wants to expand it.  Or at least I hope not.

Sort of like the pro-tariff Republican presidents of the 20’s–holding on to an idea that is long past its prime.


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