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Serving in the South Bronx & Living Solitude during the Coronavirus Quarantine

The latest conversation from National Review Institute’s Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society’s “virus-free” programming is with Luanne Zurlo. She’s the executive director of the Brilla Charter school network. Brilla and Seton Education Partners provide character education and opt-in religious education after school in buildings that were former Catholic schools. The schools are in the South Bronx, one of the poorest congressional districts in the country and the hottest of the hot spots for coronavirus. The teachers are not only about distance learning, but about keeping tabs on how families are doing. Seton, named after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, who was a pioneer of the Catholic school system, is feeding families, helping with rent, and other basic needs during this challenging time where many of the parents of their students immediately lost their jobs as shutdowns began.

(Full disclosure: I’ve been a speaker for a number of years at an annual retreat for the Seton fellows, the missionaries who teach the after-school religion classes.)

Zurlo is also the author of Single for a Greater Purpose: A Hidden Joy in the Catholic Church, making a theological and cultural argument that committed singlehood ought to be considered a vocation, a permanent status for those who choose and are called to it. She also offers some insights about being quarantined alone in Manhattan.

In 40 minutes, we cover a little of all of that. I think you’ll be interested in helping Seton Education Partners (I’ve now made a contribution) and find Single for a Greater Purpose a necessary and helpful impact.


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