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Sessions to Obama’s Budget Director: ‘Your Ideas Will Not Work, They Will Never Work’

Alabama senator Jeff Sessions scolded President Obama’s budget director Shaun Donovan for introducing solutions that Sessions described as doomed to fail. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today, Sessions decried declining median income for families over the last decade as “catastrophic,” and noted that it happened under President Obama’s watch. 

“The problem is your policies: tax more, spend more, borrow more, [and] regulate more . . . that’s what’s caused this problem,” Sessions said. “We got a problem, but your ideas will not work, they will never work.”  

Sessions said that the spending proposed in the president’s budget endangered the future of the country, and asked whether the president’s budget would spend more than was agreed to in the Budget Control Act of 2011. Donovan did not directly answer the question, and would only say, “Our budget overall reduces spending relative to current expectations.” Sessions reminded Donovan that he worked for the taxpayer and repeatedly asked the same question to no avail. 

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