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Sex-Change Regret

In the United Kingdom, where the mainstream media are more honest in their coverage of the transgender movement, stories have been emerging about “detransitioners.” Detransitioners are people who have taken steps to “change” their sex but have since reverted — and who now feel their transition was a mistake.

From the Times of London:

Peter Benjamin knows more than most about the realities of transgender life. For several years, he tried living as a woman. Then he had sex-reassignment surgery, realised he had made a mistake and reverted to being a man.

The market researcher, 60, who has a grown-up daughter and son, says living as a woman was “making me ill”. He is speaking about his experience out of concern for people who, like him, change gender, only to find their lives as isolated and challenging as they were before.

“My anxiety levels were sky high,” he said, explaining his decision to return to his birth sex. “I was seeing the doctors for all sorts of problems. My drinking was going up because I couldn’t cope any more with being transgender. I just had to get out of it.”

From Sky News:

Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News.

Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning.

The number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high but we hear very little, if anything, about those who may come to regret their decision.

Earlier this year I spoke to four young detransitioners for National Review Online which you can listen to here. One young woman told me:

When I found this trans stuff online I felt it explained everything: why I didn’t like my body, why I was bullied, why I didn’t fit in. Just every question and problem that I had I just felt it was automatically answered. Explained by this trans thing. But not only was it explained it also offered me a solution.

Soon, I will be sharing more heartbreaking stories from American detransitioners at National Review.


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