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Sex With Friends

The Washington Times reports that a former writer’s assistant from the NBC show “Friends” is suing because “she was subjected to harassment in 1999 by the frequent sexual banter of the writers while they discussed ideas and developed story lines for the show.”

Now, any regular “Friends” viewer will tell you that sex is rarely a part of the show’s subject matter. Jennifer, Matthew and the gang would sometimes go, oh, five or six seconds without a sexual reference or double entendre. Taking a job on “Friends” and complaining that they talk about sex is like working for the Clinton administration and complaining that you were lied to by your boss.

Astonishingly, the California Court of Appeals is allowing her sexual harassment claim against the producers of “Friends” to move forward. More rational folks, like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, are stepping forward to ask the California Supreme Court to end this nonsense and reject the argument that writers on sitcoms have the right not to hear conversation about sex.

The only problem: Why would anyone think that CALIFORNIA’S Supreme Court will issue a rational decision?

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