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On a trip to Washington State yesterday, journalist Seymour Hersh took time to do a little campaigning for a Democratic candidate for state office.  From the Tacoma, Washington News Tribune :

“You don’t need me to tell you about Iraq – it’s not salvageable,” the veteran journalist told a crowd of 50 as they chowed on salad and pasta at Tacoma’s Primo Grill.  “Afghanistan is going south, and George Bush has Iran on the brain.”

The stage for the feisty remarks was a $20-a-plate political fundraiser. Hersh, headed for a speech in Seattle, stopped in Tacoma to stump for his friend Larry Seaquist, a candidate for the state House of Representatives. Seaquist is a Democrat in the 26th Legislative District.

Hersh said he met Seaquist a decade ago while working on a story about Gulf War syndrome. At the time, Seaquist was nearing the end of a 32-year career in the Navy, a stint that included commanding the USS Iowa.

“I didn’t even know what party he was in,” Hersh said, when he asked why he would appear at a political event. “It’s not about the party, it’s about the man. Larry’s a man of high integrity. I’d do the same thing if he was a Republican.”


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