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SF’s ‘Hippie Hill’ Pot Rally Attendees Leave Massive Mess

Ten thousand, not “420,” was the key number at San Francisco’s unofficial pot-smoking celebration this weekend: a crowd of at least 10,000 celebrants at the city’s “Hippie Hill” left 10,000 pounds of garbage, costing the city $10,000. Most of the cleanup at Golden Gate Park took place the day before Earth Day.

Because it is not an officially sanctioned city event, municipal officials do not provide resources like garbage cans or portable toilets. ”It’s almost completely unmanageable. There are no officials you can contact to deal with things so that’s a frustration for us,” said Lieutenant Simon Silverman of the San Francisco Police Department’s Park Station. “The people paying for all of this are going to be the taxpayers, so it’s not without cost.”

More pictures can be found on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.


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