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Shadow-Boxing in a Glass House

Sen. Arlen Specter (R, Pa.) is feeling enough pressure from not-quite-a-candidate-yet Pat Toomey that he has already renounced support for the Employee Free Choice Act. On Friday, he also launched a new attack on Toomey, calling for his group, the Club for Growth, to provide information about any contributions they have received from TARP beneficiaries.

But the Club opposed TARP, as did Toomey. Specter voted for it, and he has taken at least $550,000 directly from TARP recipients in the world of finance, and another $250,000 from the auto industry, which is also being bailed out.

Toomey’s non-campaign campaign sends over, from a gmail account, a list of seven current and former CEOs from TARP-beneficiary firms who have donated to Specter over the years. Is this a fight that the senior senator wants to have?

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