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Shahzad Complaint Unsealed

Some highlights and questions from the complaint, in order:

–Shahzad left the keys to his personal car and his Connecticut home inside the Pathfinder used in the bombing. Presumably because he thought they’d be destroyed.

–Shahzad used a prepaid cell phone to call a fireworks store and numbers in Pakistan in the days after purchasing the Pathfinder.

–Shahzad’s wife and parents both live in Pakistan, so these calls could be to them, of course. But considering he claims to having trained in bomb-making in Waziristan. . .

–About that bomb-training. The fertilizer used in the bomb was non-explosive. The crude firecracker detonators didn’t work. The clocks and wires seemed to have been completely extraneous. Makes you wonder.

–FBI/JTTF agents created a composite sketch of Shahzad from the description of the individual who sold him the Pathfinder. That individual also positively identified Shahzad from a photo array. Authorities were able to track Shahzad down, apparently, through a prepaid cell phone, but the mechanics aren’t explained. Any guesses?

–A search of Shahzad’s garage revealed fertilizer and fireworks.


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