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Share The Paranoia

It wasn’t that long ago that large-scale paranoia was the province of

the far Right; black U.N. helicopters, one world government, that stuff.

But the Left has stepped up recently to share the burden of

profoundly crazy worry.

Avedon writes on Atrios (via Wolcott via Lance Mannion, and isn’t that

how the blogosphere is supposed to work? And another thing, I’m not

going to use the word ‘blogosphere’ anymore. Someone come up with

something else.)

“One reason I don’t think it’s at all paranoid to suspect that the

Republicans have deliberately taken over the voting system in order to

cheat is that they keep doing things that don’t otherwise make sense.

There’s a rather long list of things you just wouldn’t expect them to

think they could get away with unless they really thought they could

control the ballot box, because otherwise they would have to expect

that the public would kick enough of them out to not only end some

political careers but also make impeachment – and prison – a distinct


And then there’s this nuclear option thing – why would they be willing

to remove any possibility of stopping majority party initiatives

unless they were absolutely sure that they could never become the

minority party again?”

Put down the hookah, friend. Sell crazy somewhere else. This isn’t

hard, okay? Republicans are in office because more people voted for

them. They do things “that don’t otherwise make sense” because

– and this is the tricky part for you Clintonite Dems — they think

it’s right to do them.

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