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Sharia Can Wait

I’m in London this weekend and was rather looking forward to today’s big rally calling for the introduction of Sharia in the U.K. Alas, when I strolled by Trafalgar Square this afternoon, no jolly cries of “Allahu akbar!” rent the air. It seems the big march has been “relocated“:

Unfortunately, in the run up to the planned event, it had also become apparent that certain right-wing/anti-Islamic organisations had become intent on preventing the march from going ahead, using threats of physical violence, including bomb and death threats to any member of the Muslim community who happened to attend the march.

In light of this, organisers of the March4Shariah campaign, after careful consultation, have decided to relocate the march in favour of securing the safety of the hundreds of Muslims who may have attended the march to voice their support for the Deen of Haq (Truth).

“Right-wing” organizations? Well, don’t look at me. There seems to be some confusion as to precisely why Anjem Choudary, Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shariah, called off the big event. There was some thought that he didn’t want to risk the humiliation of a low turnout. In any event, when I swung by, there were only a few counter-protestors, including one chap who’d reworked Choudary’s “Islam Will Dominate The World” slogan into “Free Speech Will Dominate The World.” Nevertheless, the dream will never die:

Finally, we would like to say that indeed we will never stop calling for the implementation of the Shari’ah in the UK, and that we will continue in our struggle to make the Deen of Allah (SWT) dominate all over the world.

It seems a shame to postpone it given the immensely detailed plans of Islam4UK. I especially liked their remodeling of Buckingham Palace as Buckingham Masjid, the headquarters of the Islamic States’ Supreme Leadership, which apparently won’t include Her Majesty The Queen.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.