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Sharia Law Is the New Jim Crow

America has already suffered the experience of an extralegal system: Jim Crow. Now sharia looms as an extralegal threat to our freedom.

Flee your family because they have been abusing you? Get your nose carved off your face. Refuse an arranged marriage? Get your face disfigured with acid. Offend your husband? Get lynched. They will officially charge you with adultery, for which they have zero evidence. They don’t need it, because a woman’s testimony is not given the same weight as that of a man. So you get stoned for adultery because you had the audacity to tell your husband you were going to leave him if he didn’t stop hitting you. Under sharia, women need to know their place.

This is in addition to everyday segregation of the sexes, a common feature in some nations where sharia rules, such as Saudi Arabia. So, from now on, when you hear the word “sharia,” think “Jim Crow.” The fact that sharia is based on gender instead of race makes no moral difference.

Michael James Barton is the former deputy director of the Pentagon’s Middle East Office.


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