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Shariah and “Marriage”

Rachel Abrams has a bracing — welcomely so — post at the Standard about the state-sanctioned pedophilia practice by our great moderate friends and allies, the Saudis. Here’s the start:

The “kings” and “princes” of sand and oil who rule Saudi Arabia may have signed on to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1997, but the daughters of their subjects—and no doubt some of their own, as well—still live under the sick tyranny of shariah-interpreting that endorses the predations of pedophiles upon them, and insists, in a Whoopi Goldbergian kind of inversion, that to deprive little girls of conjugation with men old enough to be their grandfathers is to treat them “unfairly.” How cold the comfort, in the circumstances, that the “jurists” upholding this appalling penalty against defenseless victims invoke the marriage of their Prophet to a six-year-old girl—and by the way, a six-year-old, for those who’ve never met any, is someone who’s just begun to lose her baby teeth—to justify it.

Read is all, here. [Thanks to Jen Rubin.]

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