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Sharing the Love of a Family: Talking Hope, Foster Care, and Adoption with Kelly Rosati

How can we better protect human life? That’s been the question of these coronavirus times. And for the blessing of a family, it may mean asking: Can we welcome a child who needs a home into our home? Kelly and John Rosati have done that five times. Their family includes children with serious mental illness, so days are far from perfect, but there is love. Can one of the lessons of these coronavirus times be: Show love. Right now. To someone. And can one of the prayers be: How is God asking me to show more love? Could it be helping a family heal by fostering? Could it be providing a home for a child through adoption? Kelly talks from her own experience of her life and advocacy. Kelly also talks about her work with the Flying Horse Foundation, which provides equine therapy for children who have experienced trauma.

Listen here:

And here are links to two resources she mentions — Adopt US Kids and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program from the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Thanks for taking a listen. Even if you are not considering adoption, she shares some lived wisdom about anxiety and trauma and hope and living Christianity in daily life in the face of suffering and unexpected challenges. It’s the latest in the National Review Institute’s “virus-free” programming.


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