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Sharron Angle in American Politics

I’ve just read a lil’ article from the Associated Press, and would like to comment. The article begins, “Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s conservative views on illegal immigration and her limited outreach to Hispanics have done little to endear her to Nevada’s largest minority group.”

I love that “conservative views on illegal immigration.” What would those be? That it’s illegal? I’m reminded of the late, great Sonny Bono, who when he was first running for office was asked, “Hey, Sonny, what’s your position on illegal immigration?” In his innocence, he replied, “Well, it’s illegal, isn’t it?”

The AP article talks also about Angle’s “limited outreach to Hispanics.” Hmmm — maybe she considers them Nevadans and Americans? Is that too radical? Racist? When she talks about, for example, slimmer government, education reform, and entrepreneurship, she is not saying, “Except for Hispanics, of course: I mean for everyone else.” Come on. If you want to live in the Balkans, move to Montenegro. (Gorgeous place, by the way. Taylor ’n’ Burton used to play there.)

Then we get this: “‘For me, she is scary,’ said Esperanza Montelongo, a Reid supporter who hosts a Spanish-language political radio show in Las Vegas. ‘She is anti-anything Latino.’”

Oh, Angle is anti-anything Latino, is she? Would that include her own grandchildren and daughter-in-law? I have an idea: Why doesn’t Sharron Angle tell people like Esperanza Montelongo to go to hell? Is that impolitic? I think it would be invigorating and thrilling: and helpful politically.

Finally, the article says, “GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval also could prompt some Hispanics to cross party lines and vote for Angle. Sandoval appears poised to become the state’s first Hispanic governor, although his conservative positions on border security issues disappoint some Hispanics.”

Yeah, those “conservative positions” again. (I imagine Sandoval favors enforcing the law, which of course makes him a Brownshirt, at best.) Angle’s opponent in the Senate race, the incumbent Harry Reid, said, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay? Do I need to say more?” As I said in a recent column, I don’t see how Harry Reid could be the majority leader of the United States Senate. But that’s what Democrats made him. And I hope that Nevadans unmake him this November.

This is a weird, weird country, never more than when race or ethnicity is involved. Give ’em hell, Sharron, and tell ’em to go there, too, when they paint you dirty.


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