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She Also Headed The Junior Anti-Sex League

The Washington Post Magazine has a feature each issue called “First Person Singular” in which a local notable gets to describe herself in her own words. Here’s the first paragraph from this week’s column, by Martha Burk, “chairman [sic!], National Council of Women’s Organizations” (and most famous for her crusade to bring women to the Augusta golf club): “My job is righting wrong. I like it. The earliest I remember is in sixth grade. Somebody in the class was having a party and they [sic again] invited everybody in the class but two or three kids. I was invited but I was outraged on the part of other kids who weren’t invited. It would have been different had it been a group or something. But these kids were clearly being left out in a malicious way. I complained to the teacher, who then tipped off the parents. I got it straightened out.”


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