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“She Could Do Things a Republican President Couldn’t”

Victor Davis Hanson tells Peter Robinson that President Hillary Clinton “would not be the disaster that people on the Right say…” in a lightning round takeout from the latest episode of Uncommon Knowledge.

Victor shares his assessment of the rest of the field, D. and R. Watch here (it’s three minutes – a quickie):

Uncommon Knowledge, an in-depth public-policy program, is now airing regularly on National Review Online, with the cooperation of the Hoover Institution. To watch the entire episode (five parts) of Peter talking to Victor, go to Uncommon Knowledge’s NRO page here.

Notice, too, that if you look above, on NRO’s toolbars, there is a new, user-friendly way to find the latest (and archived) episodes of all your favorite (or soon to be) episodes of NRO video and audio shows.

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