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She Hates Me?

Ana Marie Cox hates me Ana according to an interview (transcribed by Cathy Seipp) and conducted by Mickey Kaus:

Mickey: Who do you hate?

Ana Marie (after a pause to think, and a comment that Bush is actually quite personable): I just can’t stand Jonah Goldberg…

Mickey: Really? I think he’s incredibly talented.

Ana Marie: Michelle Malkin…But these people are like cartoon characters.

Eventually they opened it up to questions from the audience, and someone said, “I’m a little surprised that with all the evil going on in Washington, the only people you can think of to hate are people most of us have never heard of.”

I suppose I could get into a long diatribe about how it takes a lot of chutzpa for a potty-mouthed media creation like Wonkette to suggest she’s an even remotely reliable judge of who to take seriously, but in reality I just don’t care. On a personal level, I’m a bit surprised because our interactions had always been friendly. Oh well.

The one mildly interesting thing is that a questioner in the audience would know who Wonkette is but not me or Michelle Malkin.


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