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A Sheehan Media Point

From a reader:

Apparently this is becoming the new standard title for Mrs. Sheehan (AP via Foxnews). I’ve seen it used countless times recently, on all wire services.

“Sheehan, the grieving mother whose vigil near President Bush’s Texas ranch sparked anti-war protests around the country, said she wasn’t roughed up by police, but was jostled when officers broke up the rally and arrested organizer Paul Zulkowitz.”

How about, “Sheehan, the unbalanced mother…” or “Sheehan, the ultra leftwing mother…”

How can people claim Fox is so conservative, when they insist on using the AP for so much of their website’s content? Earlier today, their website referenced Simon Wiesenthal as “Simon Wiesenthal, Holocaust Survivor, Dies” True, but the current listing of “Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi Hunter, Dies” is a lot more to the point, isn’t it?

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