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Sheehan & the Peace Prize

Well we know she didn’t win. But why on earth did she think she was a “finalist “? I didn’t think any such thing existed. So how does this work?

First place = Nobel Medal, million bucks.

Second place = Nice ribbon. Visiting Professorship University of Wisconsin, Madison. Joint appointment to the Department of Peace and Postcolonial Studies & International Action Center for Jackassery.

Third place = Very nice letter. Fistful of Swedish Krona from the petty cash box. $100 gift certificate to Body Shop.

Cindy Sheehan Honorable Mention: Maureen Dowd will claim you have absolute moral authority regardless of how inane you may be. Plus one free coupon from MSNBC, redeemable if a natural disaster disrupts your media stunt, they will return to covering you when the storm clears.