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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Shame on’ Durbin for Race-Baiting Lynch Comments

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke says that Senator Dick Durbin should explain his own previous opposition to the nominations of black women before accusing Senate Republicans of racial motivations for not confirming attorney-general nominee Loretta Lynch.

Last week, after Republicans said they would only hold a confirmation vote for Lynch if Democrats approve language barring taxpayer funding for abortions in a human-trafficking bill, Durbin took to the Senate floor and invoked Rosa Parks, accusing Republicans of making Lynch “sit in the back of the bus.”

But as Clarke points out, Durbin voted against the nominations of black women on more than one occasion during the Bush administration. He opposed Condoleezza Rice’s nomination as secretary of state, and Janice Rogers Brown’s as a federal judge.

“If Dick Durbin was driving that bus that Rosa Parks got on that day, she wouldn’t have had to worry about sitting at the back of the bus — he’d have drove [sic] right by and left her at the bus stop,” Clarke said on Fox News on Monday.

He encouraged Republicans to develop counterstrategies to these types of accusations by Democrats, rather than playing into their hands by getting defensive.

“People reach for this race card when either they don’t have an intellectual argument in the political fight that’s going on here with Loretta Lynch,” Clarke said. “The other reason they reach for it is because they know people will flee, people will run, and maybe they can get people to act.”

“Shame on him.”


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