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Sheriff Joe’s Birther Posse

Dear Sheriff Joe:

A little friendly advice, if you don’t mind.

First of all: Love the tent city. The pink underwear, the chain gangs, the generally curmudgeonly attitude — even KJOE. All great.

About this birth-certificate business, though: You are looking like more of a fool than usual. If you expect us to believe that there was a conspiracy — originating before the birth of Barack Obama — involving the Honolulu newspaper, local and state governments, the White House, foreign regimes, and National Review, and that said conspiracy remained undocumented until Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County Irregulars sleuthed it out, you are asking a lot. There are many famous characters to whom you might be compared; Sherlock Holmes is not one of them.

Sheriffs are supposed to comport themselves with dignity. There’s nothing more dangerous than a lawman with a taste for publicity. You want to be a little more Ed Tom Bell and a little less Janet Reno.

Go back to abusing felons. Stick to your core competencies.


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