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Shirts, Orchestras, Arizona . . .

Saw something interesting in Riverside Park (Manhattan) on Sunday morning. A man was on his walk, wearing an Arizona T-shirt. It said, “Arizona,” and showed the state flag (one of the most beautiful of the 50). Do you think he chose that apparel casually or randomly? Do you think there was no statement in his shirt at this particular hour? I don’t either.

Only weeks ago, that shirt was just a shirt. Today — for now — it is something else. I wonder whether the guy drew any looks or comments. I wish I could have asked him. But sometimes, you know, it’s better to leave people alone.

One more word on this general subject. Got a letter from a reader saying, “Remember when the New York Philharmonic played North Korea?” (I wrote an essay for National Review on the Philharmonic’s visit.) “Do you think they would accept an invitation to play in Phoenix?” Ha.

“Similarly,” continued the reader, “I wonder how much the government of San Francisco spends on Chinese goods.” Oh, we all spend a ton on Chinese goods, for better or worse. (Long arguments to be had — and that we have had.)


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