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Shocked and Awed Gratitude


Our flash webathon ran from Friday to Monday, and it can be defined in small part as an undertaking of moving goalposts: The initial ambitious (so we figured) objective of $50,000 soon became — in the face of immediate reader outpouring — $100,000, then $125,000, then $150,000. The tally: From the website, over $160,000 was donated by 1,622 generous people. More has come and is coming by mail. To call this undertaking a success would be an understatement.

Inside the virtual offices, we are not slapping backs and blathering look-what-we-done self-congratulations. This is not about us raising money — this is about you, our kindly friends and supporters, rallying to give, to make sure this cause that is NR — this ever-more-important voice of conservative sanity — remains vigorous in the face of relentless and coordinated leftist assaults on the foundations of our Republic. Our enemies, and they are that, have raised the Jolly Roger and have fired the cannons, while our institutions hoist white flags. Meanwhile, National Review is speeding to the sound of the gunfire, guns ablaze. If there are torpedoes, well, damn them.

None of it is done without you. Mates! We should neither be shocked nor awed by the depth of selflessness, the amount of aid provided, the numbers of NR readers and subscribers who stepped up (as they have, time and again, in response to past appeals) to commit to an institution lacking a moral claim on the contents of anyone’s wallet. But we all know what is at stake here and now. We all know this is no passing fancy of leftist recklessness. Outnumbered and unafraid, we all know that this may indeed be our St. Crispin’s Day. We thank those who, through their generosity, have joined this band of brothers and sisters, to fight and to inspire. There is no restricted admission period for becoming part of our ranks, so if you’d still wish to help NR, donate here, and know our appreciation is deep and heartfelt. God bless all.


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