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Shocked? Yeah, Like Claude Rains Was

In discussing the supposed hate crime that Reps. Andre Carson, Emanuel Cleaver, and John Lewis imagined for the benefit of the press corp when they marched to the Capitol to approve Obamacare, Mark Steyn sounds surprised that Rep. John Lewis would engage in such behavior. But he should not be.

The so-called “icons” of the civil rights movement who have gone into politics have proven on many an occasion that they are willing to slime their opponents with false claims of racism for political gain, including John Lewis. When I was nominated to the FEC, Lewis claimed I had “downright contempt” for the law and the “voting rights of Americans” and that I wanted to suppress the votes of black Americans. My crime? Supporting state laws that require voter identification at the polls, a requirement that the Supreme Court has found to be perfectly constitutional. In fact, I had committed the unspeakable act of publishing a law review article on the subject! (I kid you not). Yet because I held a view of the law that the Supreme Court agreed with, Lewis basically accused me of being a racist, someone in the same class as the hateful segregationists he fought against half a century ago. My experience with him and civil rights organizations like the NAACP and the Leadership Conference for Civil Rights is that they are willing to say or do anything, no matter how false or malicious, against anyone they perceive as their political opponents.


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