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Shocking: Portlanders Are Liberal!

Here’s on email I like. And, for the record I made it clear in my initial CNN comments and later that I was referring to the leadership of the DC march, not every fuzzy-wuzzy accountant and (non-right wing) homebuilder in the crowd:

Mr. Goldberg – –

I just watched you on Blitzer’s show, describing the “freak show” that you considered to be the protests across the country yesterday. WOW — how does it work? Does Karl Rove hand you your script, pat you on the head and send you in front of the camera?

I, along with about 19,999 others, marched in Portland, Oregon yesterday. I was with a group of 15 people, most in their mid-40’s, a few in their 60’s, and we consisted of: 4 accountants a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines 3 school teachers 1 fundraiser/development director for a senior citizens nonprofit organization 1 sales and marketing rep for the homebuilding industry (a very right-wing industry) 2 nurses 3 retirees who are veterans and think this “war” is an insane notion.

There were MANY people just like us. Lots and lots of them. As a matter of fact, one of the speakers had people raise their hands as she asked “how many of you are with church groups?” (lots of hands), “how many of you are school teachers?” (lots of hands), “how many of you are veterans?” (LOTS of hands), “how many of you have NEVER participated in a peace march before, this is your first time?” HALF the crowd raised their hands, followed by a long and thunderous applause. That was great, and spoke volumes about the way so many are feeling right now. I was standing up high on a concrete divider (in front of the Portland Art Museum), and was able to get a very good look at the crowd as the hands were raised.

Maybe you can let your buddy/ultimate boss Karl (and your buddy/ultimate boss George W.) know that these protests consist of many, many mainstream, hard working people, who are watching the insanity of Dr. Strangelove (Rumsfeld) and his gang, and taking to the streets out of extreme concern. As one sign pointed out, “the pro-life president is anxious to start killing” I’m sure your people are very, very nervous that so much anti-war rallying is already happening, and need to use you as much as possible, while they paint a picture for the Americans who rely only on your words to make their voting decisions.

you might want to re-visit the notion of telling TV audiences that the only people who attend these rallies are “freaks” You are wrong. Just because Karl tells you to say it, doesn’t mean that it’s true, Mr. Goldberg. My whole “clean cut” group joined with a lot of others who looked just like us, in Portland Oregon yesterday.

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor of National Review and the author of Suicide of the West, holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute.

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