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Shooting The Messenger

Like Rich, I thought the president did pretty well with Russert on Sunday–maybe better

than pretty well. For anyone who did not already hate the president, I think

the interview would have been a plus. That said, let me add my 2 cents on the

critical tone of The Corner. It seems to ordinary folks like my Dad that Bush

has completely abandoned all conservative/libertarian principles on the

domestic front. If the White House does not wake up and realize the damage it

has already done by triangulating, it will indeed undercut Bush’s chance to

survive to fight the war in a second term.

Any single transgression can be explained away but the sum total cannot. For

example, the problem with the campaign-finance bill is not that it was a bad bill. It is that it was unconstitutional and Bush ran

against the bill–then flipped. The problem with the education bill is not

just that it was written by Ted Kennedy, but that it abandoned the principles

of reform that the President campaigned on–then flipped. Ditto the

prescription-drug bill–another flip. “Compromised” away were the principles

that made candidate Bush better than Al Gore for many who voted for him.

I am not sure what the White House can do about this at this late date.

Complaining about conservative/libertarian complaints will not get it done.

Ask Bush I. Conservative/libertarian pundits are merely the messenger. The

White House’s problem are not with this Corner but with those

who voted for GWB who think that his actions speak louder than his words.


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