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Shopped, Dropped

OK, back.  Email bag’s evened out some–supporters are rallying.

But to your point, Kathryn, that: “Unfortunately I don’t think you’re being fair to the fair-minded people — many of them who are (politely and soberly) e-mailing me non-stop now about their frustration at being considered liars by someone they have come to respect and read regularly her on NRO — who saw Kerry’s remarks for what they appeared to us to be.”

I’ll admit that gave me pause.  There surely is fake outrage out there, and I really have had emails from people who don’t think anything is owned to honesty in matters like this–and for whom, therefore, my suggested lapel button would be entirely appropriate. 

OTOH, I’ll allow that some people I know to be “fair-minded” did indeed take Kerry’s remarks the other way, so I guess there are a lot of others I don’t know to whom the same applies.  So there is ambiguity in there somewhere, though I still can’t see it.  In any case, I certainly don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is a liar, or crazy, and I don’t think any fair-minded person would take what I said…  Oh, never mind.

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