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Should I Be Surprised?

E-mailer points out:

So I just turned on the TV to see how the Hussein verdict was playing on the cables, and it was interesting. Fox was discussing the verdict, reading statements from the White House and Iraqi leaders, and showing footage of celebrations in Iraq. CNN has a discussion of the “doughnut hole” in Medicare’s prescription drug program and how that would hurt seniors (without mentioning, of course, that before the prescription drug plan was passed, they had NO coverage). Lame.

A Californian defends CNN:


I noticed the timestamp of your post.  I was watch CNN’s coverage of 

the verdict for nearly two hours last night as the events were 

unfolding (and in the case of the Iraqi outrage, not unfolding, which 

is a great relief), until about 1AM PST. East coast bias!!  Seems 

like your emailer is taking a snapshot of when he/she woke up to tune 

in to the news.  Perhaps their alarm clock should be wired to Atlanta 

so CNN can be on notice and switch to the top story when he wakes 

up.  I for those of us in other time zones interested to stay up to 

watch this very important event, CNN had plenty of coverage.

By the way, they did cover the prescription drug plan while it was in 

congress, as I remember distinctly, and trust me, I’m no defender of 

CNN, but this emailer got it all wrong.