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This is from my longstanding cop guy, who also spent time in Bosnia (my other cop guy became Jack Dunphy — so keep in mind there’s an upside to being a ___ guy). Anyway, he makes a very good point:

Dear Jonah:

I find that I increasingly resent that I am not allowed to see for myself what the bastards are doing to our people. I want to be angry, I want to feel the rage and know that this war is necessary. When the Towers fell, we were given only PG images-maybe that’s one reason so many people seem to have forgotten it.

-What if nobody had filmed the concentration camps in order to spare the sensibilities of amaricans?

At some point this war will end and we know that people will claim that various crimes never happened. I suggest that the media should warn us, but give us access to the truth. You NRO guys disagree, I know. It’s my two cents. Thanks.

I’m still of two minds about this, but I’m coming around to this point of view. It’s very similar to an argument I made last August in a column, “Bring Back the Horror.” There is a point to making it clear to Americans about who and what the enemy is. Certainly, knowing that enemy is torturing or executing our soldiers would shine a light on some of the protestors out there. I’m going to keep pondering.

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