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Shunning Albion

I know this has been discussed a little bit, but after reading that horrifying post from Mark Hemingway, I’m really begining to wonder why the Obama administration is treating the Prime Minister of Britain so shabbily. Some of the snubs might just fumbles of a rookie with no real foreign policy experience (no teas with foreign dignitaries for him!). But it’s hard to believe that the cumulative brush-off was entirely accidental. Is it that the White House thinks Brown is doomed and so it doesn’t want to be perceived as hitching its wagon to him? Do they dislike him because Brown supported the war? That’s hard to believe given much of Obama’s cabinet supported the war. Could it be that they want a conservative Prime Minister in the UK so that he can be a transatlantic post-partisan? I’d be curious what our in-house Brit’s think.


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