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I may not have mentioned it around here, but I decided to bag the Democratic Convention. Once the Right in the Rockies thing was cancelled, it just didn’t seem worth the enormous hassles involved for me and my family. I’ll cover it the same way about 75% of the journalists who physically attend the conventions do: On TV.

But now I’m relieved. Denver’s a high altitude town. Obama’s speaking at Mile High Stadium. But now with Biden out there, I think we might see large numbers of Democratic delegates go woozy and pass-out from oxygen-deprivation. I think my NR colleagues attending the Dem convention should carry oxygen tanks.

Meanwhile, I will still be attending the oxygen-rich GOP convention. Attention absurdly lavish party-throwers: there’s still time to send me invitations!

Update: You learn something new every day. From a reader:

“Denver’s a high altitude town.”   Darling Jonah,   I have one pet peeve and you just tripped over it. Confusing altitude and elevation. Must have been the lack of oxygen 😉 Denver has zero altitude, but it has an elevation of 5,280 feet. Altitude is a vertical measurement from sea level to a point in the air, while elevation is a vertical measurement from sea level to a point on land.

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