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‘Sick Puppies’

So, the MSNBC gang is apologizing, with various degrees of sincerity (though it’s hard to judge sincerity, particularly in tweets and the like). They are apologizing for “hurting the Romney family.” I think that’s a bit of self-flattery, frankly: I don’t think the Romneys are hurt by these bozos. If they are aware of this incident at all, I imagine they think that the Left is acting as it has always acted — especially on matters racial.

I always hate to label people “sick” in the political arena, because the Soviet Union put people in psychiatric hospitals for having “wrong” views. But, reading about this latest MSNBC thing, I couldn’t help thinking of George Bush the Elder and Michael Moore, the leftist filmmaker: If I remember correctly, Bush once called Moore “one sick puppy.”

Readers will have noticed, too, that the word “bozos,” above, is another homage to GHWB.

P.S. My guess is, the MSNBC-ers were truly irked by the sight of a black child in the Romney family. The American Left’s central belief, I think we can say, is that conservatives are anti-black. It is more important to the Left than anything economic, I think — more important even than the gay stuff.

Actually, I’d better amend that: I forgot about abortion. Legal abortion on demand is the most important thing on earth. But race is probably in second place.

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